We are not for profit organizations focused on providing a venue for people* to learn how to fix their own bikes and build community.

*beginners to advanced mechanics!

Member groups of TCBC have been helping Torontonians of all ages to build and maintain their own bicycles in Toronto since 2005!

Our Locations

COVID Bike Resources

Our member community bike spaces are working to find safe ways to make community bike resources available to the public during the COVID health crisis. This page will be updated with resources as they become available.

Resources currently available:

TOOLS: Fixit stations with basic bike tools are located in various outdoor locations across the city. Check out the map of stations linked here (created by Daniel Puiatti).

BIKE SHOPS: The Ontario government has included bike shops on its list of essential services! If you need help with your bike be sure to call your local bike shop to confirm if they are open. Most bike shops are currently completing repairs on an appointment basis.

TCBC Contacts

Bikechain 563 Spadina Cres.; bikechain@utoronto.ca

bikeSauce 341 Broadview Ave.; info@bikesauce.org

Bike Hub 15 Tobermory Dr.; bikehub@culturelink.ca

Bike Pirates 1416 Queen St.W; info@bikepirates.com

Bike Repair Clinic 955 Queen St. East; pyoung@srchc.com

Charlie’s FreeWheels 242.5 Queen St. E; info@charliesfreewheels.ca

Cycle York 95 The Pond Rd.; info@regenesis.eco

Gateway Bicycle Hub 10 Gateway Blvd., Suite 100B; info@gatewaybikehub.com

The Toronto Community Bike Collectives network was established through the support of the 2018 Metcalf Foundation Cycle City program. Thank you from all of us!

Metcalf Foundation